Mission statement

Clients come first, Agents come second.
 It is our mission to always provide an environment for our employees that promotes happiness from the inside out. When you work with us, you are valued and inspired to learn, to teach, and to grow. We want you to come to work motivated to and proud to be on our team. That’s why we continually invest in creating outstanding work experiences and endless development opportunities. We want you to be and feel at best, always.

Redesigning the Insurance Agent role

 90% of Insurance agent fail. Only 10% make enough money to be financially free. Why do so many agent fail?

  • Lack of consistent sales training
  • Lack of Lead Generation knowledge, too dependent on referrals
  • Only being licensed in a couple states
  • Not selling over the phone, doing only face to face sales
  • Not having an office assistant or support team to manage your existing book
  • Doing to many things at once
  • Not being a broker
  • Not being independent
  • Limited goals
  • Not selling multiple products lines



Sales Training

At H&M Advisors, our sales training program is one of a kind. Our sales scripts, sales process, and closing techniques are industry leading. Our sales mangers are verified and previous $100k plus commissions agents.  Our sales managers are 100% compensated on agents performance. Being part of a team is essential to everyone’s success.


At H&M Advisors, we have partnered with all insurance carriers in the health and medicare marketplaces to make selling easier. Every potential customer you speak to on the phone SHOULD be a client. Our role as an insurance broker is to help customers navigate the insurance marketplaces without any bias towards any companies. Our training and our product knowledge will allow you build unique and creative health plans that will over deliver customer needs and wants, but will also pay you the most commission possible. You can specialize in marketplace insurance, short term health, Medicare supplements, Medicare advantage, or sell all products.

Lead Generation

At H&M Advisors, our marketing efforts are like no others. As an agent, you will be provided various sources of leads ranging from Facebook marketing, various Internet marketing, direct mail campaigns, and referral based leads. What makes us unique at H&M Advisors is we also require you to become an internet marketer.  Most insurance agencies just want you to sell. Marketing efforts will always be left a secret. With us, we want you to be an elite salesperson and an elite internet marketer.


As a H&M Advisors, you are considered a professional from day one. All of our agents are provided the most advanced dialing systems, CRM for client management, and a administrative staff to manage your book of business. You will be provided a customer service representative to mange your calendar and every day activities from day one.

We believe that anyone who will join us will make $100,000 dollars in their first year. Why do we believe so? Here why: There is about 261 working days a year. To make $100,000 per year, you have to sell at least $381 in commissions daily. In order to make $383 in commissions daily, it requires only 1-4 sales per day.

Average commission of a health policy: 250-550

Average commission on a medicare policy: 150-350

Creativity + Commitment =
Lifetime income

Making a true difference

Its not just about sales

Its not just about the highest income

We strive to meet every consumer wherever they are in life, provide deep insights on their personal and financial health, and offer solutions that reduce their risks and make their life better.

Where insurance simply provides a check at a time of need, H&M Advisors goes deeper by providing meaningful ways to improve their life in addition to protecting for when things go wrong.

We are humble, driven, and committed to improving the lives of millions.